Dr. Cher Han LAU

I am a

Been in the industry for about 20 years, love building great products and to share my knowledge for growing more developers.

I love tech and using tech to solve real problems. While not everybody can code, I believe that everybody is able to build something when empowered with the right tools.



  • Do you still remember Gorilla, Nibbles that used to be our favourite game backed in the MS-DOS time? How does learning structured programming, object-oriented programming affects my thinking as a programmer and software engineer today? For the past decades, what has changed and what hasn’t ? You’ll find the answers in my presentation here at 2015 Global Azure Bootcamp Kuala Lumpur.

  • Just before 2014 ends, Malaysia was hit by the biggest flood in the history. Thousands of people are trapped in rural area, losing contact with their families and friends in town. On the other hand, folks in cities are unable to contact them. Mybanjir is a community initiative that aims to provide real time information that helps users to obtain data, and use this information to assist them in delivering rations and rescue jobs.

  • When starting up, founders often confused with too many choices they were offered, from technology stacks, web development framework to the mobile operating systems. This talk covers of the available technologies, their pros and cons in their real-world applications.

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