Homepage of Dr. Lau Cher Han 劉哲涵博士個人網頁

banner-learning Welcome to the homepage of Dr. CherHan Lau. Dr. Lau is a consultant and lecturer in the area of Information Technology (IT), English Language and Management. Dr. Lau has been invited to speak for student associations and collaborate with Australian Cooperative Research Corporation and Australia Fairfax Media Ltd. Cherhan completed his Bachelor in Queensland University of Technology, and received full tuition fee and living expenses scholarship for his Masters and PhD degree. He participates actively in academic conferences and visited New Orleans and Washington to share and exchange ideas in a wide spectrum of research areas include Big Data, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Multimedia Retrieval and Social Media.

On the entrepreneurial side, Dr. Lau co-founded Singapore Webwise Workz Pte. Ltd with four partners and held the position of Senior Developer. Webwise Workz provides web-related consultation services for small-medium enterprises (SMEs). In 2012, Dr. Lau co-founded and concurrently served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Co-oprating.com—a social platform for users to search, trade and exchange skills. Dr. Lau also served in various networking and multimedia companies, to set up network and e-commerce platforms.

Dr. Lau begins to deliver IT training since 2004 and has been teaching in QUT since 2006. Courses delivered include Emerging Technology,  Web Architecture and Development and Enterprise Software Architecture. He is expert in Microsoft technologies such as .NET framework, C#, Visual Basic and ASP.NET.  He has great experience in cloud technology such as Windows Azure and Amazon EC2,  and well-versed in various Web language (e.g. HTML5, CSS, Javascript) and scripting language (e.g. Python, Ruby). Dr. Lau had also worked in Microsoft e-Research Centre, participated in many environmental related research projects.

In 2004, CherHan represents the country to participate in Microsoft Office Specialist Competition. He was named Asia Pacific  Champion and eventually emerged as the World Champion for Microsoft Excel. He actively involves in many co-curricular activities to serve the community. He was the President for Leo Club, Committee member for International Student Association and Executive Committee member for Queensland Badminton Association.

劉哲涵博士,澳洲昆士蘭科技大學資訊工藝學士,研究型硕士以及哲学博士。刘博士现为讲师及顾问,提供各项与电脑,英文及管理相关等培训及咨询服务。刘博士多次受邀为各大团体如学生会,澳洲科技研究合作社及Fairfax媒体机构等进行演讲及技术培训。求學期間,劉氏獲得澳洲政府资助所有學雜費及生活費,完成碩士及博士學位。他曾參與多項各類型研究項目並發表論文於各大會議,學術期刊,並到访美国新奥尔良 (New Orleans)以及华盛顿 (Washington) 展示研究心得进行学术交流。 劉氏研究方向广阔,包括了大数据 (Big Data), 資料挖掘 (Data Mining), 云端计算 (Cloud Computing),多媒体检索 (Multimedia Retrieval), 以及社群媒体  (Social Media)等。

刘博士也拥有丰富的创业及工作经验。 2003年,劉博士于新加坡与4为同伴合伙創辦网惠有限公司 (Websise Workz Pte. Ltd.), 兼任高级工程师,为中小型企业提供网站设计,架构,编程以及各种咨询服务。2012年,刘博士于澳洲合伙创办 Co-oprating.com, 兼任技术总监 (CTO)。Co-oprating.com 主旨在为用户提供一个社交平台,以提供各类型技术服务,进行技术交换以及征求人才等服务。此外,刘博士也曾任職於多家網路及多媒體公司,为客户建立各類型电子商务商务 (e-commerce) 網站,建立無線网路及內網。

刘博士於澳洲昆士兰科技大學任教多年,主要課程包括新興科技 (Emerging Technology), 網站開發及編程 (Web Architecture and Development),以及企業網絡設計興規劃 (Enterprise Software Architecture). 刘博士精通各種雲端平台如 Microsoft Azure 及 Amazon EC2, 微軟框架技術 (Microsoft .NET Framework), 以及 C#, Visual Basic 及 Java 等語言。脚本语言 (Scripting language) 方面,他也熟悉 Python, Ruby 以及各種網頁編程如 HTML5, CSS, Javascript 等。刘博士也服务于微软电子实验及研究中心 (Microsoft e-Research Centre) 研究多年,进行多項生態环境研究項目。

2004年劉氏代表參加微軟 (Microsoft) 主辦, 微軟辦公室專家比賽(Microsoft Office Specialist),並獲得 Excel 亞太區總冠軍及世界冠軍殊榮。課業以外,劉氏也積極參與各項社團活動,以回饋社會。劉氏曾擔任幼獅會會長,國際學生會理事,及昆士蘭羽球總會理事。